Pat Caster and His Cat and Pasta

Pat Caster and his Cat and Pasta.

 Oh Pat this is a task to master,
To hold a cat whilst eating pasta,

Armchaired Pat sits clutching cat,
Whilst durum feast he would consume,

A creamy sauce enveloped there,
Strong with cheese and tempting fume,

In turn, there is a complication,
For Pat must earn an actors wage,

Thus holding cat and pasta meal,
Must be performed upon a stage,

 A burly man each side the curtain,
Now pushes Pat on fine oiled wheels,

It takes all of his concentration,
To keep the chair from over-keels,

At length existence weighs against him,
An ill-fit board that holds ill sway,

Catches caster, chair goes tumbling,
Unity, becomes disarray,

Tragedy now comes to being,
Cat and pasta everywhere,

Meowling, groaning, steaming display,
Mornay sauce and feline hair,

Now the curtain softly closes,
Realised, the act’s Alastor,

Great applause, glowing reviews,
Pat Caster and his Cat and Pasta.

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