The recent inje…

The recent injection sets up patterns which reverberate around leading
to futile spurts of a being that should be long dead.

I was struck this morning by a cartoon like removal of the turkey from
the equation by the powers that be and his replacement with a poor
quality effort called ‘the turtle’

I think the general idea was that it was business as usual except with
turtle instead of turkey.

Bikle looking askance at the obvious difference in the set up, but no
one else really saying anything.

‘you turtle bastard!’ morris would utter etc

I fear as I think about it that the turtle might even be dead and on

‘gettim Johnson!’
Johnson pushes over stuffed and caster mounted turtle which crashes to
the ground.

Worse still maybe it still does steal trousers but not with any comedy
whssk, rather just with an instantaneous change in reality in which now
the trousers hang from the dead turtles beak where before there were
non, which makes me just think it is morris and he has paused time,
taken trousers off the individual and put them on the turtle.

Being mad of course morris would likely soon believe the turtle really
is his enemy possibly even pausing time to take his own trousers off to
put them on the turtle or worse still just in normal time taking his
trousers off, hanging them on the turtle all in full sight of the
johnsons and yolanda.

‘My trousers you Turtle bastard’ give them back!’ (falls over trying to
get self out of trousers, wrestling self free of them and slinging them
onto stuffed turtle)

And such reverie…

Good lord. This chimes with a recent musing of mine with regards to “Austerity Morris” in which he downsizes his operation in some kind of half crazed response to the economic situation, leading to him demanding “No Frills Horsdrawn Conveyance Wheels” from Yolanda, and finding himself in a leaky coracle and demanding a “bail out” from Johnson, who is now just a single, increasingly desperate figure.
“Behold the Kraken, Lord of the midnight sunless depths, as he rises from the foaming seas to devour you….”
Enter harassed looking Johnson, having hurriedly daubed himself patchily with green paint and sporting a risible paper cone “beak”.
“As his fearsome tentacles enfold you etc etc”
Johnson half heartedly waves a couple of old frayed ropes, looking quite shamefaced.
“Not your best work Johnson. I do not feel that it is particularly frightening, late 1980’s Doctor Who standard at best…”
And so forth…

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