Blossom’s Miserable Day.

Yolanda:           In wellies and an outdoor coat. “I’m off to take Blossom to the blacksmith to have her shod, I’ll be back for tea ok Morris?”

Morris:              “No no my little cherokee pie, I will not hear of it, Johnson will do it for nowt and you can put your feet up for the afternoon.”

Yolanda:          “Are you sure he’s up to it Morris? those things can be a bit ham fisted?”

Morris:              “I do not know about a ham/fist combination, but I am sure Johnson is up to the task.”

Yolanda:           “Well if you’re sure then yes that would be very nice. She’s just round the back.”

Morris:              “You heard! See to it Johnson!”

Johnson:            “Mwaaerk!”

Yolanda:            “Afternoon on the sofa when I though I had to go out in the wet, what a treat.”

Yolanda settles herself down when suddenly she is startled out of her novel.

Johnson:          “Mwaaerk!” *BLAM*


Yolanda:          “Morris! What’s happening out there?”

Morris:              “I imagine my dear, Johnson has shot Blossom as you requested.”

Yolanda:            “Shod! not shot! Shod! not shot! Oh for fucks sake poor Blossom!”

They go to inspect the corpse.

Morris:            “Ho ho never fear my little automated traffic control system, Necromantic Horse Whisperer Johnson will soon have her up and about again. Well he has hasn’t he! Look!”

Blossom:         *Neiighsssss!”

Yolanda;         “Aaagh! Morris! She’s biting me! Stop her!” etc etc etc.

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