Classic Canaries Preamble.

Gentle reader, it is many years since the ‘classic canaries’ sketch was first constructed. The premise is simple and will be familiar to all aficionados of 70’s and 80’s sitcoms. Someone entrusts someone else with something precious and then they leave the scene, with hilarious consequences. With Morris and Yolanda dominating the airwaves nowadays it is easy to forget that it was Bikle who was the original denizen of this world and even his imbecile brother Buckle is longer present therein than Morris.

For a simple recap of the characters, Bikle is a very tall grumpy bespectacled goth with pincers for hands who lives in squalid flat. Buckle is his idiot brother famous initially for the catchphrase ‘Ho I thought you’d be pleased!’ which mutated along a rhythmic/homonymic axis into ‘I thought there’d be cheese!’ The new semantic content was then actually applied and this formed his expectation that in any given instance there would be a certain dairy produce present. In this was he follows the ancient teachings of Ithodthebeches, an ancient greek philosopher whose single fragment, though possibly lost to us now signals a very similar doctrine.

In height and long hair, glasses, Buckle resembles Bikle, though there it ends as Buckle’s clothes are often a strange assorted ill fitting jumble, whilst outside we’re oft to find him sporting a parker or maybe a cagoule -your imagination may create you your own personal Buckle and that of course is fine.

The other salient thing to remember about him is his trombone, which may or may not feature in the forthcoming ramble. This deadly device is prone to ‘buckling’ anything to which its blast is directed. This verb usually results in the erstwhile thing now being combined with a tool and a horse (a well known ‘bad combination’) much to the infuriation of the proprietor of said thing.

Anyway enough enough.

On with the show…

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