Afternoon Tea (pt3)

To Yolanda’s pleasure, and to her surprise, Morris and the Furnissons hit it off immediately, and the tea party seems a success. Admittedly Herbert Jackson seems somewhat antipathetic towards the new arrivals, and shortly thereafter, makes his excuses and leaves. Otherwise everybody seems to be getting on famously. Yolanda indeed is moved to say as much, “Well this is very nice, everybody is getting along like a house on f… I mean, getting on very well. Would anyone like another cup of tea?” Mrs Furnisson indicates that she would indeed enjoy another cup of tea. Yolanda reaches for the milk jug, and is dismayed to discover that it is empty. “Oh, we are out of milk, Morris, could you pop down to the newsagent and grab some for me?” Mrs Furnisson chimes in, “Oh don’t bother, I think we should have some left at ours, I’ll just nip over, save your shoe leather Mr Cutler.” “Morris, please Mrs F, Mr Cutler is my rascally brother Dennis, and anyhow, Just Popping Down The Shops Johnson is just popping down the shops, I am sure that he will pick up a couple of litres of full fat while he is there.”At this, there is another knock at the door, Morris, who happens to be on his way to the fridge for another Skol, flings the door open wide, “Come in, come in! Welcome, pull up a deckchair and help yourself to a slice of beetroot and goat’s cheese quiche.” “Blbplplblp! Most kind! Blplplp! Don’t mind if I do!” Morris, who was clearly expecting someone or something else at the door, is both taken aback, and clearly chagrined. He turns, intending to tell the interloper to leave, only to find Clancy perched upon a leather cushion type seat, a teacup and saucer daintily clutched in one wing. “Blplplp, lovely cup of tea Morris! Cupcakes lovely! Must get recipe! Blbplplblp!” Morris glowers and Clancy’s tweeds begin to smoulder for a moment, but catching Yolanda’s eye, he sighs and continues to the fridge.Grumbling and muttering under his breath, Morris resumes his seat and is soon involved in a pleasant discussion about lawnmowers with Mr Furnisson, who it must be said keeps eyeing Clancy furtively, with a somewhat hungry look in his eye. Mrs Furnisson and the youngster too seem fascinated by him, looking him up and down, almost as if they are weighing him up. Yolanda notices this too, but shrugs, as she supposes that a turkey in tweeds must be something new to them. Clancy himself is oblivious however, and chatters on about his prize blooms, to the point that he rather monopolises the conversation. Furnisson pauses a moment from discussing the relative merits of drum blades as against rotary blades, and turning to his wife makes a noise something like “Mreeowl?” Mrs Furnisson nods enthusiastically, before once again looking over at Clancy. “Blooms eh sir? Now I’m a keen gardener myself,” says Furnisson, addressing himself to the Turkey, “I’ve got some lovely azaleas over the road, perhaps you’d like to pop over with me and take a look if you’ve got time to baste? Waste I mean of course ha ha ha.” Clancy looks disdainful, “Blplplp. Azaleas. Rather common. Blplplp, don’t think I’ll bother.” “Common? Hmmm, you might be right, you prefer something more unusual then? If I follow your seasoning. Ha ha reasoning. Oh dear what is the matter with me today? Must have been that glass of sparkling wine, ha ha the bubbles must have gone to my head. Bubbling away in the oven, skin crispy and golden, garnished with fresh herbs, tender white flesh just falling off the bone… An orchid! Yes, a most unusual orchid, that’s right, in my greenhouse. Perhaps you’d care to view it sir? Won’t take long, about 3 hours at Gas Mark 7 I’d conjecture, won’t you step across Mr Butterball?”

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