Albert Jackson’s Demise (No 1)

He stared moodily out across the azure seas lapping against the beach. “Is there any of the old magic left Jackson? Any of the old razzle dazzle?” He turned to stare fiercely at Jackson, who gave an involuntary yelp. “I need you to do me one last job. A very delicate job.” He nodded at the Johnsons. “These boys are spot on for the rough stuff, but they’ve no subtlety, no finesse. You may have noticed that from the manner of your arrival.” Jackson nodded heartily, earning himself a poke in the back of the neck from Johnson.

There was a crackle and the whole image changed to a Johnson carrying a plant pot with a potato plant in it. The wizardly viewer looked on disgustedly

Morris:             “You know my dear, they really hyped the return of Albert Jackson PI, but it looked bloody rubbish to me and I cannot abide rubbish entertainment as you well know. I believe in all earnestness that I could do a better job of the programme. Indeed I have done a better job of the programme, look at the new edition”

Morris flicked the remote off ‘Growing potatoes with Johnson” and back to the channel with Albert Jackson PI on. The scene was now a vet’s surgery. Albert’s Jellyfish stung body lay on the table in front of a vet. The curious looking vet appeared to be Morris in a rather spaceman like outfit, in his hand a hypodermic needle. A saddened figure stood near the table weeping for his imminent demise

Newsagent:     “Ho h’are you sure h’there’s nothing  h’else can be done?”

Morris(vet):     Booming from out of the suit “The stings are too severe, it’s definitely for the best, he won’t feel a thing!”

Grinning Morris injects the hapless canine with a garish steaming liquid. The remains of Albert Jackson pulsate with a incandescent glow

Newsagent:     “’Ho god h’what have you done??”

Was the last thing that uttered from the newsagent’s voice as the dog exploded with terrifying ferocity. Through the smoke dimly can be heard the wizardly tones

Morris: “Tune in next week, for Albert Jackson’s resurrection, ho ho ho”.

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