Cast Description.

A partially insane wizard of impossible power and often grumpy demeanour. Clearly also vaguely deaf and prone to losing track of what is going on.

Morris’ long suffering wife.

A race of bird people, part goose, part man, part penguin. In the employ of Morris. Johnsons are what the predicate before the word Johnson suggests e.g. the famous Son of Dracula Johnson, or Dr Venomous Snake Johnson. The disguises these creatures come up with to be the description often leaves something to be desire. Johnson also exists as a creature in its own right –undetermined by a specific predicate.

Bikle (latterly known as SB or shit Bikle)
Tall gothic man in his thirties. Wears a long black cloak, black trousers and pixies boots. Round glasses and high cheek bones. Sense of self importance. Also looks fucked off with the whole business. Talks in deep, voice a bit like he has a cold.

Idiotic brother of Bikle, similar stature, but horribly clumsy. Also wears a cloak but the outfit is generally ridiculous looking. Believes there will at some juncture be cheese. Voice is goofy but similar to Bikles in its through the nose nature.

Clancy Butterball Turkey.
Giant anthropomorphic Turkey with magic powers. Often removes people’s trousers and says ‘Really…?’ in a Kenneth Williams esque manner. Arch enemy to Morris.

Small irritating bald newsagent character. Often brandishing tomorrows newspaper.
Grumpy man who lives in squalid flat. Not very bright and has status issues.

Koth Hotep.
Titan of abysmal space.

Pete and his Peppers
Very poor entertainment act of a Frenchman (Pete) in a harlequin outfit, hurling peppers around at various things.

Pete and Paul
Idiotic brothers seeking to try to help (with their tools).
Alfonso de Bersierneaux.
Well known French aristocratic juggins, indeed his name has become synonymous with being a total ass i.e. to say ‘why he looks like the very Comte de Bersierneaux himself’ would mean ‘he looks like a proper charlie. Often drunk.
Duke of Croy.
Violent French alcoholic aristrocrat. Companion of Alfonso’s.
Captain Flint.
Large piece of flint. Sometimes wearing a tricorn hat.
Judge Bikle.
A part of Bikle’s psyche in Judge form. In here he manifests as a ‘Judge Bikle action figure’


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