Bikle – our original unfortunate hero of this fiasco, with his tool of course.

Buckle – his ungainly brother with a belief that a certain dairy produce will be often present.

Pete and Paul -ever helpful idiots with their tools uhuhuhuhuh.

Simon -irritating and bald character brandishing a copy of tomorrow’s newspaper.

Morris -an insane and powerful Magician.

Yolanda -Morris’ long suffering wife.

Clancy Butterball Turkey – A Giant turkey with various magic powers including the ability to remove others trousers in an instant, produce a mouse behind your ear or a trifle on your head amongst other things -arch enemy to Morris.

The Johnsons: A race of goose/man/penguin like creatures generally in servitude to Morris. Fond of baked potatoes and with a language entirely comprising from the single word ‘Mwaaaerk’.

Comte de Bersierneaux – foolish aristocratic frenchman who gave rise to the expression ‘why he looks like the very Comte de Bersierneaux himself’ meaning ‘he looks a proper Juggins’

Leonard,  Duke of Croy – Alcholic violent compatriot of the Comte de Bersierneaux. Frequently lands him in all manner of scrapes.

Pete and his Peppers: Poor quality entertainment act involving a man throwing and producing peppers for various ends.

Mr Frost (aka Frosty) – Idiot foil for Bikle and his boys.

Chonsoix de bon en soir -Consumptive french aristocrat. Psychopathic with no real ability to communicate. Lives on an island with emaciated ponies.

Dennis Cutler – Morris’ brother, salesman extraordinaire.

Bokle – weird alternative Bikle from anothe universe.

Turkey Vulture – Evil henchmen of Clancy Butterball turkey.

Sigmund Freud – Himself (mit your Tool! Ja Ja!)

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